11 thoughts on “366 Days of Cooper

    • Well, Cooper was obviously the cutest. She still had her baby bars and I loved her color. Also, because here cere was blue, I thought she was male. Back in the day they taught you blue meant male, and brown, female, so… oops.

      We chose Dewey because he was male (looked for a dark blue cere this time!), was a different shade of blue than Cooper) so we could easily tell them apart) and had his baby bars.

      Now when I go to the pet store, I want to take them all home.

  1. Yay Cooper! budgies are MUCH more fun than goldfish. like, fish can’t really sit on your shoulder and look cute. Well, not for long anyway.


  2. Happy Anniversary, Cooper! My blue budge looks just like Cooper ^_^. I thought Pipi was male too when I got her from Petco since she had a blue-ish cere. Some days her sere looked very blue, some day looked pink… I think Pipi is definitely female ’cause her cere is pink most of the time now. I wanted to have a male so that I can teach how to talk. Just the other day, Pipi said her name for the first time. Well, it was more like “Bibi Birrrrrrd.”, instead of “Pipi bird.” I love her very much and I’m super happy to have Pipi.

    • Congratulations on your first words, Pipi!
      We got Dewey at Petco, too. It’s a bit of a gamble with some of the young ones about what sex they will be. Dewey had the bluest cere in the lot, so he was the one who came home with us : ).

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