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With the pandemic (and working from home), Sido became even more attached to Harry. Now that he goes into the office, I have to take her around the house so that she can see he is not home. Once she knows he is not hiding from her, she can get on with her day. She is very happy and excited when he returns. Lots of loud screeching when she hears him coming down the hallway. Hopefully, she is not on my shoulder at the time.
Her favorite food is strawberries. She likes to pick the seeds off and makes quite a mess of them. Flinging mash is also a Sido specialty.
Sido is our little love bug. She loves to be with her humans – riding on a shoulder, watching tv or taking a nap lap. She also enjoys a nice spritz or scritch session. Scritching is the best!

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    • Yes, she mostly hisses at them and/or flees from them. We have to watch carefully when they’re out together and keep them separated.

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