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Cooper is used to the spotlight. She’s been posing for the camera since she was a tiny little budgie.
She is a very curious bird – and very brave. She sometimes comes over to investigate her props before I’ve finished setting them up. It’s not unusual to get the perfect picture in our first shot. She is such a pro!
Cooper is the reason we have a flock. She was an only until the first time we had to leave her for a day. We came back at night and she hadn’t moved from her perch since we left the house. So off we went to find her a little friend (Dewey).
Cooper’s favorite toy is balsa – and she likes her veggies. She loves to sing quietly along with music – she has the sweetest little chirps.
If there is a water dish out, Cooper will find it. She likes to perch on the edge and flirt with bathing. Now that she is older, she doesn’t like to get all the way into her bathtub – so she gets spritzes as well.
I started Cooper’s blog (Cooper’s Corner) almost 10 years ago because I adore her and wanted to share her with the world. She has brought us such love and joy. We have met so many great people through the blog – special friends we’ve even met in real life. She has been such a gift and we treasure every moment with her.

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