7 thoughts on “Ozzie is venturing out

  1. I’m afraid to take my budgie out of its cage, any tips?
    P.S. I don’t have a budgie proof room, how do I make a room budgie proof?
    Please help thanks! 🙂 (BTW, love the website! Very cool!)

    • Is your budgie hand-tame? If not, before you try letting it out, you need to tame it. The best way to do that is by first offering millet spray though the cage wire, then when the budgie is comfortable with that put your hand in the cage and hold a millet spray until its comfortable eating out of your hand. Eventually you can try to have it step up on your finger by pressing gently on its chest and say “step up”. But you can do research on the internet about taming.

      If your budgie is already comfortable with your hand in cage, make sure all doors /windows to room are closed, then have the budgie step onto your finger and take it out. You can feed it millet spray to keep its mind off the new surroundings. But again research on the internet and find more info.

      Good luck 🙂

    • Budgie proof room – cover any mirrors and draw your drapes (or blinds), so your budgie won’t fly into them. Remove any plants that are toxic to budgies. Watch out for ceiling fans (or fans in general) and lights (which can be hot). Look out for any gaps (behind shelves, etc.) your budgie might fall between. And close the door all the way, so your budgie won’t be flying all around the house. You’d be surprised at what a narrow space your bird can fly through. Budgies like to chew, so look around for anything that might not be good for your budgie to ingest.

      Does your budgie have clipped wings? Cooper and Dewey did (they came that way from the pet store). It does make it easier to tame them. We’ve since let them grow out. Ozzie is able to fly, so I’m taking it very slowly with him. I don’t want him to spook and fly into a wall.

      I wouldn’t take your budgie out until he (or she) is hand tame. For our birds, I keep their cage on my desk so I can talk and sing to them and get them used to me. Putting you hand in the cage so your budgie becomes used to it is a start. Then you can start petting his tummy and getting him to step up on your finger. Once he’s completely comfortable with you, you can start taking him out. And like Iva suggested, hand feeding your budgie millet is a great taming technique.

      Again, as Iva mentioned, there is a lot of information on the internet. TalkBudgies is a site that has tons of information, pictures and budgie owners to chat with: http://talkbudgies.com/forum.php

      Good luck with your budgie (what’s it’s name?). Keep us posted on how things are going : )!

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