8 thoughts on “Hungry Budgie

  1. Maybe they’re growing, Harry. Like little kids who start eating like crazy before a growth spurt. So cute up to his ankles in seed. Birdie heaven.

  2. Silly bird! Allen has thought about getting in the food before, but I keep it in a bag so it would be awkward for him to jump in… but he would certainly like to 😛

    Alfie is such a pretty a bird! So white and blue and so spotless; he looks like a blue, blue sky with immaculate white clouds 🙂

    PS: what brand of seed do you feed your budgies? I’ve been trying to find a new brand of food for Allen with less “extras” that he won’t eat.

    • It kind of varies. I try to keep the seed natural (no colors, flavors). They get Higgins Vita Seed or Kaytee Supreme Fortified Daily Diet.
      I mix in Harrison’s pellets. And they get a few oats sprinkled on top of that. The boys love the oats. And fresh fruits and veggies (but mostly veggies, the budgies aren’t much into fruit).

      Alfie says, Thanks! I just love his little angel wings.
      He’s such a cutie : ).

  3. I just luv such happy little piggies like Alfie, wide-eyed in disbelief at his luck to have yet another day’s worth of overflowing yummies in his bowl 😉 He must brag to his buddies that his humans are the best hunter-gatherers in the world! Lol.

    • Thanks : ).
      It’s Kaytee Supreme Fortified Daily Diet. I mix it with Harrison’s Pellets (Super Fine) and sprinkle some oats and groats on top. They also get fresh, organic fruits and veggies. They turn up their beaks at the fruit, but I still give it to them. I keep hoping one day they’ll figure out how yummy it is.

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