12 thoughts on “Flight Photos 2

  1. Wow, Michelle – Great flight shots! I’m very impressed – SO incredibly hard to grab as they whiz by – I’ve never been able to do it at all…

  2. I Love your blog! I’ve had 8 parakeets over the years. Right now I have a rescued green/yellow female who will sit unwillingly on my finger but loves my art room. She doesn’t leave it even if both doors are left open. I guess having a bird feeder right outside the window by her cage, which I call her cable tv, keeps her busy and occupied. Recently she has chosen a painting in there to sit on which wasn’t a problem until I saw her picking at something. She’s picked off half the black paint on the outer edge of the top! She’s fine, don’t worry, but now it has a small piece of screen installed over the top edge. She can sit there, sharpen her beak an pick all day but not mess the painting up any further or eat things that don’t belong. Silly little bird.

    • I’ll have to try that screen tip! Mine love to hang out (and chew on) some picture frames. They also love to chew on the windowsill. Maybe I could cover that with screen. Oh, and the books on my bookshelf. I should just cover the whole room in screen! Once the budgies know an area is off limits, it’s the only place they want to be. Sigh.

  3. Wow, one picture is better than the next (meaning, they’re all so amazing)! BTW, if I may respectfully comment on the idea of using screens for the Budgies to sit on: I’m sure you know WAY more about housing Budgies than do I (I’ve only ever had one Budgie myself), so you’ve likely already considered this, but if I may mention to remember to avoid using screens if there’s any possibility that their toenails could get ensnared in the tiny holes of the screen wires. What a potential nightmare which I’m sure you’ve already thought of, but I felt inclined to mention it anyway just in case anyone out there might overlook that potential hazard. Thanks 🙂

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