8 thoughts on “Birthday Budgie

  1. I bet the other ones were jealous, Sunny getting the marshmellows to herself. And of course, getting to wear that spiffy party hat!


  2. I bet all the budgies love when one has a b-day.

    I’m confused,I thought Dewey came before Sunny, so wouldn’t that make Sunny twoish?

    • Sunny was an “older woman” and Dewey was her boy toy!

      We brought home Dewey from the pet store in 2012 – he was a baby. This year he would have been two. Sunny is a rehomed budgie. We brought her home in 2013, but she was already one and a half (or so) according to her previous owner. I hope that makes sense. It’s confusing even to me. I’ve written all the budgies anniversaries and estimated birthdays down so I can keep it straight.

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