365 days of Emmy

One year ago today we brought home this adorable budgie. nb2We found her on Craigslist. She was a bundle of energy. Lots of climbing of the cage walls, rolling around on the bottom of the cage, twisting and turning upside down – a little acrobat. Unfortunately, she was also terrified of us and would flip out whenever we got near her. It took months to get her used to my hand being in the cage. And even longer to get her to step up. Today she will step up, but will hop off if we move our hands. We’ve only managed to get her out of the cage on our fingers on a few occasions. She’s still a work in progress…e1Emmy is our biggest budgie (I think she has some English budgie in her). She’s so soft and fluffy. I love her whipped cream tummy and the fact that she has one white cheek. She’s also a funny little nut. Except at bedtime, when she chases the other budgies. We’re not sure if she’s afraid of the dark, or just wants to be rightnext to the other budgies. e2Here she is with her boyfriend Ozzie (Emmers and Ozzers) – who puts up with her shenanigans.

Happy Anniversary Emmy – we love you!

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