So many goodies came in the mail recently –
boxFirst up, from Susan – this fantastic budgie sculpture. I love it!sculpture1Cooper and her new friend.sculp2Susan also sent these little budgie charms and budgie ring. So cute! Thank you Susan!charmsringThe budgies received a package from my niece Surena and her fiancé, RK.treatsLook at all those treats – what lucky budgies!bowlThey also got this cute little bowling toy. Here is Ozzie right before he bowled a strike. Thank you so much Surena and RK!

We’re so fortunate to have such wonderful family and friends.
Michelle, Harry, Cooper and the flock

9 thoughts on “Goodies!

  1. My GiGi (RIP) had that bowling toy too 🙂 she’d tug the metal chain back & forth in either direction while studying herself in the mirror. She ignored the actual bowling ball and pins though, cuz bowling’s for boys. Let’s see whether or not Coop shares that same sentiment…

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