Budgies on TV

I Dream of Jeannie.jeannie1Never Try to Outsmart a Jeannie: Season 1 (episode 19).jeannie2Tony must go on a trip to Rome. Jeannie wants to come along, but Tony says no. After some scheming, Tony relents. Jeannie can come along, but only if she can obtain a passport without magic.

Roger Healey tells Tony he’ll look after things while he is gone. He’ll check the mail, wash the car and look after Seymour the parakeet (the parakeet is really Roger’s). What Roger really wants is access to Jeannie and her magic. He has plans forĀ  new furniture, golf clubs, a boat and a tv. While Seymour’s scene is brief, he is definitely the star of the show.

Full episode here.

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