Bird Toy Bonanza!

LOTS of photos. Because Cooper’s friend Shivangi sent the flock LOTS of toys. These spoiled birds have been having so much fun playing with all their gifts that it was difficult to get photos that weren’t big blurs of motion. It’s hard to pose when you’re in destructo mode!

This is COOPER’S platform perch. Stay off if you are not COOPER.
Before the destruction.
Millets! Cooper actually went for the “whipped cream” first.
Sweet Sunny before destructo mode.
Emmy makes her claim.
A new toy for Riley to be smiley about.
Felix striking a pose.
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Ozzie bein’ cute.
ultram pain med
Sido takes time out from nibbling to pose.

Shivangi – thank you so, so much for all the wonderful gifts! The flock sends you love and birdie kisses. xoxo

One thought on “Bird Toy Bonanza!

  1. Oh my goodness! I’m SO happy all the cutie babies loved their toys! Cooper looks amazing on her very own perch! Thank you for posting these pics, it made my day seeing these. ❤️

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