The Case of the Missing Tail Feathers

tfOne of the budgies lost its tail feathers? But which one?

tf2Cooper P.I. is on the case!

tf3First she examined the evidence.

tf5Then she made a list of the usual suspects.

t6A visit to the scene of the crime was in order.

tf7After a little surveillance, Cooper determined that Dewey was not the guilty party.

tf11Ozzie is impeding the investigation. Highly suspicious!

tf12But it looks like he’s in the clear.

tf9Sunny appears to be innocent.

pain medication tramadol 50mgAs well as Alfie (who was not even in the room at the time).

can u overdose on xanaxAfter all that sleuthing Cooper is stumped. Who on earth could those feathers belong to?

coopGuess this mystery might go unsolved…

endIf anyone out there has any information or tips relating to this mystery, please contact Cooper P.I. in the comments section.

7 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Tail Feathers

  1. I was never good at figuring out mysteries either, Cooper!


    Check and see if Michelle Or Harry has tailfeathers…you never know!

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