Alfie joins the flock

aAlfie has finally joined the flock!

acHe met Cooper first – she flew into the room he was in when I left the door open. Oops.

allcageWe moved Alfie’s cage next to the budgies’ cage. Cooper made herself right at home (someone has to destroy Alfie’s toys)! Alfie hasn’t moved into the big cage, but gets outside time with the flock. They’re still establishing a pecking order and we’re not comfortable with leaving them alone yet.

allcage2Here they all are on the big cage (which does not seem so big anymore…).

allgymHanging out on the play gym. I’ll have to work on getting a better photo of them together. They’re not very good at staying still.

asAlfie is fascinated with Sunny. Watch out Dewey!

aoAlfie and Ozzie have become buddies. They like to chase Dewey away from Sunny. Double trouble!

7 thoughts on “Alfie joins the flock

  1. So getting budgies into one photo is akin to herding cats? 🙂 And yeah, that cage doesn’t look so big now does it? 🙂


  2. Yay Alfie! Welcome to the flock!

    Great pictures! 🙂 It seems that Sunny is rather popular… Is anyone going to befriend Cooper??

  3. Wait a minute–so Dewey is interested in Cooper and Sunny and Dewey and Alfie are interested in Sunny? You have some interesting triangles going on there! LOL

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