Movin’ On Up

A while ago something arrived in the mail.

cagebox(insert “What’s in the box?” joke here)instructionsIt was a brand new cage for the budgies! Harry put it together.cooperviseCooper “coopervised”.finishHere’s Cooper deciding if Harry’s work is acceptable.allOnce she deemed the cage suitable, the budgies moved in.aAlfie is never far from a bell.cCooper was not too excited about having her picture taken – she is moulting and doesn’t feel she looks her best. sSunny was too busy taking apart the marshmallow toy to pose.eEmmy sitting pretty. The cage has a divider, which is up at present. Until Emmy is finger tamed we have her separated from the others. Ozzie spends his time going back and forth between sides.tramadol side effectWhich is easy to do when you have your own airplane!

11 thoughts on “Movin’ On Up

  1. Woah, that cage is HUGE!!!! I think I saw that cage before on a cage website…
    That cage can fit up to 1 billion budgies! Just kidding probably about 12-15.
    The flock is very lucky! (And spoiled, in a good way, though.)

  2. Hooray! A flock can Never have Too much room – And what a Magnificent room it is! Very happy for Everybudgie.

  3. That plane is hilarious! I guess when the wings get tired, they can just fly in that! 🙂 And coopervised….LOVE it! 🙂


    • Thanks! They love the cage – so much room to play and fly around in. And they can have their own space when they want some quiet time alone. The flock says,”Hello!” to your two little ones : ).

  4. Does each of your flock members have his/her own favorite nook to sleep in through the night? Or, do they switch it up? Just curious–I used to have two Budgies with a big cage and several play-stations through the house, but at bedtime each night, I’d flicker the light a few times while cooing, “Time to go to sleep…!” and they’d immediately come flying over to their cage from their play areas and settle in the exact same two spots to go to sleep (well–one would come flying; the other disabled [flightless] one came running!] They always slept on their swings–which were hung facing eachother–and they rarely used those swings during the day. I never was sure whether most Budgies in general tend to assign themselves their own specific “sleep station,” or whether mine were unusual in that regard. Personally if I were your flock member, I think I’d like to choose the hanging airplane as my sleep station. (Who wouldn’t want such a cool “bed”…!!! 😉

    • After Dewey passed things were a little chaotic at bedtime, but I think they’ve finally gotten into a routine and they usually each sleep in their own spot. Ozzie is the only one that sleeps on a swing. Cooper sleeps on a triangle swing.

      • It will be interesting to see what happens when all the budgies are in one cage together. Lera has yet to move in. Emmy tries to sleep with Ozzy on his swing, but it wasn’t built for two. Harry’s working on a solution to that…

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