Movin’ On Up

A while ago something arrived in the mail.

cagebox(insert “What’s in the box?” joke here)instructionsIt was a brand new cage for the budgies! Harry put it together.cooperviseCooper “coopervised”.finishHere’s Cooper deciding if Harry’s work is acceptable.allOnce she deemed the cage suitable, the budgies moved in.aAlfie is never far from a bell.cCooper was not too excited about having her picture taken – she is moulting and doesn’t feel she looks her best. sSunny was too busy taking apart the marshmallow toy to pose.eEmmy sitting pretty. The cage has a divider, which is up at present. Until Emmy is finger tamed we have her separated from the others. Ozzie spends his time going back and forth between sides.0Which is easy to do when you have your own airplane!