11 thoughts on “Presidents’ Day

  1. I wonder how much millet $86 bucks will buy me, and can I count on Dewey to distract mom while I figure out how to shop online….Hmmm….

  2. Oh no–I did NOT even realize that your Dewey “flew to the heavens” when I wrote that last comment–I am so very terribly sorry (and embarrassed)! Please forgive me–I don’t visit your amazing site as often as I’d like which is why I assumed Dewey was still with you. I will look through your posts to learn what happened. Gosh–You have some amazingly beautiful pics of him looking super-happy and eating his oats with an undeniable look of “oat-ecstasy” 🙂 I will think of Dewey today and I’ll picture him flying free with my little GiGi who also loved oats. Take care…!

    • It’s fine : ). It’s hard to believe he’s gone – he was such a presence. I hope he and Gigi are the best of budgie friends.

  3. I hate to be a nit picker, but as Political Science major, I feel obligated to point out Alexander Hamilton was never president. Perhaps Cooper should have exchanged the ten for a two dollar bill or a 500 dollar bill. I dont hold it against her, though, as she’s not a PoliSci major. Plus, she’s cute as all get out.


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