The Newbies

A little update on how the new budgies are doing.eEmmy loves the new cage. She is all over everything. She’s quite the energetic acrobat. She’s definitely going to keep Ozzie on his toes. Today she came out of the cage and flew around the room. She bonked into a couple walls. Ack! She’s fine, though. Watching a budgie learn to fly for the first time in a room is awful. Emmy still isn’t finger tame. I need to work on that!
gPoor Gordie! Look at those pinnies! He’s going through a rather bad moult. Gordie will be out of quarantine soon. I’m glad he’ll be with the other budgies. He just sits in his cage and doesn’t play with his toys. He’s so quiet. I’m hoping he’ll be happy when he’s part of a flock. Gordie is great at sitting on our shoulders, but does not like fingers. But we keep trying – I think he’ll get there eventually.lLittle Lera (named after my niece Solera). She’s such a sweetie. Her quarantine will be up soon as well. She lets me pet her tummy, so I think stepping up is right around the corner. Three days after we brought Gordie home I saw an ad for a budgie in Craigslist. She was in our neighborhood, so I couldn’t resist. She’s just started playing with her toys. It seems that it takes the rehomed budgies a month to be comfortable (exploring their cage and playing with their toys).

It will be so nice to have all the budgies in one cage. Probably quieter, too!

13 thoughts on “The Newbies

  1. Seriously, instead of the Old Cat Lady, you’re gonna be the Old Budgie Lady! 🙂 But they are cute, especially Lera…she’s so white!


  2. They are all such sweeties! I’m glad you got a name for the newest little girl. She is such a pretty pastel color!

    Gordie’s beak looks so flaky; do you know why? Or maybe it’s just the picture making it look that way. I think I’ve read that a flaky beak can mean a nutritional deficiency.

    • I think the pic makes it look worse than it is. I know some flaking is normal, but I’m keeping an eye on it. I’ve read it can be caused by vitamin A deficiency. He’s now on the Harrison’s pellets, so maybe that will help. He doesn’t touch the cuttlebone or chew toys. And he’s not eating fruits and veggies. I’m hoping when he’s with the other budgies, he’ll do as they do.

    • Me too – I want them all to get along! I worry about Emmy, though. She’s a bit aggressive. And bigger than the others, even though she’s a baby.

  3. Yes!! I’ve been wanting to know how Gordie, Emmy and Lera were doing.
    Lera is such a pretty name for her and Gordie’s picture makes me super itchy! 🙂

  4. when our birds have a bad molt they just sit quiet and don’t want to play with their toys either so maybe Gordie will be more active when the pinfeathers are done. The new girls are so cute!

    • It’s the same with some of ours. And Cooper is grumpy when she moults. I know it takes a lot of energy to grow out those pinnies. And he has a lot of them!

  5. OMG, Lera looks like the sweetest, most tender little lass with the sweetest light-pink feet EVER! I could just gobble her up 😉

      • Ha! ACTUALLY, I definitely have a PIN FEATHER fetish (I’m obsessively intrigued with pinnies!!!). But now that you mention it, I do so adore the skinny, long, pink feet that some Budgies have, maybe bc my GiGi had those feet. (I do not have a “thing” for the chubby blue feet on other Budgies–Sure they’re cute too, but my foot fetish is specific to the skinny pink ones. Good lord am I nuts or what. 🙂

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