Quarantine is up! Part Two

Gordie came out of his cage today to meet the budgies face to face.oHere he is with Ozzie (that’s Emmy down below). Ozzie was a little aggressive, so we put him back in the cage.aAt first, Gordie just sat in one spot. Here he is with Alfie.allIt wasn’t too long before he joined the others. Here he is meeting the girls. He seemed perkier being with the budgies – following them around and chirping.pinAll the excitement must have tuckered him out. When we put him back in his cage, he went right to sleep. Of course, growing out all those pinnies takes a lot of energy as well!

2 thoughts on “Quarantine is up! Part Two

  1. Can’t get over those PINS…!!! It’s funny how some Budgies’ head feathers moult in this manner–with each feather dropping in near-unison, followed by a MASS of ripening pinnies…I just koo-koo for pin feathers!

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