New Play Gym

The budgies have a new play gym.pgThis is how it came. pg2We changed it up a bit by adding a grapevine perch and some new toys.sunSunny went right into destructo mode.leraLera sitting pretty by the bell.coopCooper hanging out on the swing. The boys enjoyed the gym, too. But they were so active all their photos were blurry. Busy, busy budgies!

4 thoughts on “New Play Gym

  1. My GiGi (RIP) had the sane swing with the cut-“glass” crystals–Unfortunately she never used it as she had trouble accessing it (she had PBFD and so she couldnt fly). But her favorite swing which she slept on every night of her life (6 years) was a basic blue and white speckled calcium-coated perch with a simple wire frame. She would hop over to the perch next to the swing and would grab the wire frame of the swing in her beak, pull it toward her, then hop right on. She was very muscular, agile and athletic despite her near total feather loss. But with the swing that Cooper has, she couldn’t grab those large crystals in her beak to pull the swing toward her, and since she couldn’t fly, she couldn’t access it. So all of her swings had to have simple wire frames. It was an honor for me to learn the ways in which a “handicapped” Budgie finds smart, creative solutions in order to live, play and enjoy life as any other Budgie. And a strong bond developed through the years as I learned her abilities and limitations–I became very attuned to her needs such as whether a particular toy or perch needed a slight adjustment to enable her better access. It felt not unlike the way in which the mother of a human baby becomes instinctively attuned to what she senses her baby wants. (And by that statement, I’m sure you can tell that I don’t have any kids…! LOL).

    • I’m glad that GiGi found you. It sounds like she had the best possible life you could give her, filled with loving care.

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