Holiday Cheer

The budgies made quite a haul this holiday season!

We bought the budgies some new footie toys. Although they’re kind of big for footie toys…mh1From their Uncle Polt, seed treats (I just set them on the bottom of the cage, for mult-budgie access), polt2and this great rope toy (Ozzie’s favorite).polt1From the budgies’ Uncle Adam, a gift card (which will buy some great toys and millet)!adam2And Adam sent me this amazing picture of all our beautiful budgies. I love it so much!adam1From Uncle David – more treats!daveSay, how do you open these anyway?dave2From Erin, Duckie and Sailor – these adorable budgie socks. Parakeet perfection!erin1And for the budgies, vine balls stuffed with crinkle paper. The budgies went NUTS over them.e2 Susan and her flock, this beautiful wine glass with budgie charm (which filled in as Cooper’s Christmas tree topper) and a budgie to-do list to keep me on my toes. budgies (and I) are so lucky to have such wonderful, thoughtful friends. You all made our Christmas cheerful and bright. We hope you all had as happy a holiday season as we did. Love to all the Cooper’s Corner readers!
XOX, the flock

8 thoughts on “Holiday Cheer

  1. HAHHAHA…. Those budgies DID get more gifts than me!!! LOLA. Love the artwork and wine glass. And the budgie to do list = sooooo cute and perfect for the seed & millet shopping lists!!! Happy new year!!!

    • Those balls are almost gone! The budgies absolutely loved them. I’m going to have to buy some in bulk as they are so popular.

      Happy New Year to you, too!

  2. What a treasure trove! They deserve every bit of it, those little cutie patooties! Absolutely Fabulous bunch of amazing gifts – so colorful, brilliant, and thoughtful!
    Happiest holidays to you all, from (one of) your many fans –
    Love you very much!

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