All Together Now

Emmy and Felix finally moved into the big cage. Felix pals around with Gordie, but is a little standoffish with the others. I think Emmy wanted to be alpha female, but Lera shut that down pretty quickly. Both are doing well and seem to enjoy being with the flock. And I enjoy having only one cage to clean : ).

Felix and friends.ff2Felix and Lera – pastel parakeets.f3Emmy and her beau, Ozzie.e1Hanging out with Cooper.e2e3

5 thoughts on “All Together Now

  1. Poor Emmy can’t be the alpha 🙁 But it’s good to hear they’re all getting along – it will be interesting to see if new pairs develop!

    And congratulations on having only one cage to clean! That sounds like a relief! 🙂

    • Thanks : ).

      Yes, it’s so funny that Lera is in charge. She’s so tiny. I don’t know why the other birds find her so intimidating.

  2. Yay! Welcome to flock 😀 Michelle, you have such a delightful flock of blue budgies! (But I think I might need some kind of guide. I sometimes have trouble keeping them all straight. How many do you have now?)

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