The Escape Artist

On Saturday someone on my neighborhood facebook page posted about a little loose budgie.

Harry and took a cage, some seed and some water out to where he was last seen.

We played budgie calls on my phone, hoping he would hear and come back to the area. We had no luck, but people walking by said they had seen him over the past couple days. So we decided we would try again the next day.

We set up in the same spot and waited. A man walking by said he saw the budgie across the street. And there he was! Someone had set up a little dish of seed and water and he was hanging out there.

Harry almost got him, but he was very skittish. We watched him fly back and forth, trying to follow a hummingbird.
Here’s a little video – he’s the white spot in the middle of the bush.

Harry has been back every day trying to get the little bird. He didn’t see him yesterday, but he saw him today.
Someone else recently posted these photos of him, so he is still in the neighborhood. Harry will try again tomorrow.

Hopefully, someone can manage to catch the wiley little guy.

The Budgie Who Came in from the Cold

alentinoandShelleyCorvinoPhoto: Valentino and Shelly Corvino

The story of this little green budgie has a happy ending. The budgie was spotted in a yard back in November. He had joined a flock of sparrows, which most likely helped him to survive the cold weather. Attempts to capture him failed. But in December, he was seen in another yard. The local parrot rescue group was called and a cage was set up to lure the little fellow to safety. Shelley and Val Corvino (who spotted and captured the bird) named him MacGyver, after the trap they rigged to rescue him.

cbcPhoto: CBC

Click here for the full story, including video.

johnwoodswinnipegfreepressPhoto: John Woods/Winnipeg Free Press

Since the story broke, 15 people have come forward to claim MacGyver. More here. So if the unthinkable happens and your beloved pet flies the coop, it’s important to keep searching and never give up hope. Take it from MacGyver, and from Sido, Alfie and Ozzie (who were all found outdoors before we adopted them).

Thank you to Tam for sharing this story.