Cooper’s Book Report

b1This month’s book is Bluebird by Bob Staake.

b2Told solely through pictures, this book is about the friendship between a lonely boy and a bluebird.

A bluebird notices the isolation of a young boy at school. Befriending him, the two spend the afternoon together. But their fun ends when they encounter a group of bullies in the park. Sadly, the bluebird loses its life in defending the boy. The story has an uplifting end, though, when a colorful flock of birds lifts the boy and the spirit of the bluebird into the clouds to say goodbye.

Cooper enjoyed this book (which was named one of the best books of 2013 by Publisher’s Weekly, Barnes and Noble and American Bookseller’s Association). She loved that the hero of the book was a bluebird, but was sad when it sacrificed its life. She hopes that the boy was worth it.

jls1Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach

jls2Jonathan is a seagull who is not content to live the life of an ordinary bird. He loves to fly – and pushes himself to greater heights and speed. His shenanigans ultimately cause him banishment from his flock. This frees Jonathan to explore flight, discover other planes of existence and pursue self-perfection.

Cooper enjoyed this book, especially the passages about flying and the photos of the seagulls. Cooper thought the story was short and sweet and she liked its inspirational message.

Cooper’s book report

Maxie by Betty Basler Barboza

This short, but sweet little book (recommended by Susan) is about a budgie named Maxie and his life with the Basler family. Maxie was a charming and talkative little fellow, who had a series of amusing adventures. Cooper’s favorite parts of the book where when Maxie saved baby Brad’s life (from poisoning!) and when Maxie dropped his toys to the floor (a game Cooper likes to play). The family loved Maxie so much they had him stuffed after he died (that’s stuffed Maxie on the cover – yikes).

Cooper’s book report

This month’s book was Of Parrots and People by Mira Tweti. It is an eye-opening and often heart breaking account of what happens to parrots when people decide to keep them as pets. The book has sections on parrot intelligence, parrots as pets, the breeding and selling industries, bird smuggling and bird sanctuaries and conservation. Cooper thinks it is a must-read for everyone – especially those thinking of owning a parrot.