We recently added pellets to the budgies’ diet. I’ve read great things about Harrison’s, so we’re using the Harrison’s High Potency Super Fine Formula. After 6 months we switch to the Adult Lifetime Formula.

On the first day, Dewey was so angry at the switch he almost dumped the food bowl over. I wish I had a video of it. The pellets stay in the cage all day and we feed them seed twice a day. So far, the pellets remain untouched. But I hear persistence and patience win out in the end. We’ll see…

Movie review – Mars Attacks!

This month’s movie is Mars Attacks!

In Mars Attacks! flying saucers land on Earth, but do the martians come in peace? Hardly. This alien invasion movie is humorous and quirky, and Cooper loved it. Her favorite part of the film was the exploding budgie.

Now she wants to go to Hollywood to be a stuntbudgie.

Cooper’s Favorite Things

Maria von Trapp and Oprah Winfrey aren’t the only ones who have favorite things.

Cooper loves the camera strap. It makes for great nibbling. The string that attaches the strap to the camera is especially nibbleworthy. She loves it so much that she’ll fly onto the camera to play with it – so many of my pictures end up looking like this.