Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Training Pablo by Wendy Graham (illustrated by Peggy Mozley).

Colin’s mother gives him a little green and yellow budgie as a birthday gift. Colin names him Pablo and reads all about training pet parakeets. Soon Pablo is stepping up, playing games and eating from Pablo’s hand. When Colin whistles a tune, Pablo will fly to Colin and perch on his shoulder. Colin hopes that soon Pablo will start talking.

Pablo and his mother are very careful about keeping the windows and doors closed while Pablo is out. Until one day they aren’t and Pablo flies out the door. Will Colin be able to get Pablo back?

Cooper enjoyed this little book. She was happy that Colin and his mother were able to get Pablo back home. Losing a budgie would be scary! Pablo even talked at the end of the book, showing how clever he was.
Cooper’s favorite part of the book was when Pablo flew down to join Colin at dinner and stole a bite of his carrot.

Bed Time Budgies

Budgie Slippers

Budgie Pajamas – Oliver Bonas

Budgie Robe – Jorjune

Brush your teeth! Sumally

Have a drink of water – Mercari

Read a bedtime story – Onebird The Rise of Moo by Donna Dwyer

Get into bed – budgie sheets, Spoonflower

Cuddle your budgie – ebay