Thinking about our Lera on her what would have been her Hatchday.

Feisty, curious and adorable. That was our little Lera.
We found Lera on Craigslist in 2014. Her owner was going off to college, and the family was looking for someone to adopt her.
After her quarantine, she joined the flock, and wasted no time showing everybudgie who was boss.
Lera loved baths, toys, cauliflower and getting into everything.
Unfortunately, Lera had issues with her health. She had to have regular beak trims, and in her later years with us, would visit the vet occasionally to have fluid withdrawn from her abdomen. None of this slowed her down in any way.
Lera was doted on by Gordie, then later Harvey and Felix. And of course, her humans. Lera packed a lot of personality into a tiny body and we loved her very much – we were so lucky to have found her.
If you are looking to add a budgie to your family, please consider adopting. There are some amazing little budgies out there who need a happily ever after.


As a child, my first budgie, “Budgie” was purchased from Woolworth’s. Budgie was a wonderful little bird. He was finger tame and would turn the pages of my book for me (while taking a nibble).
While Budgie may not have been expensive, to me he was priceless.

Woolworth’s ad from 1955.

Woolworth’s ad from the 1960s.

Woolworth’s ad from the 70s.

Woolworth’s ad from 1993

artwork by Skip Hill

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is My Parakeet Wears a Sweater by Rebecca J. Raymond – illustrated by Vanessa L. Malone.

This book showcases the fashions of a little parakeet. She has looks for every season and occasion. The stylish budgie shows off her sweaters, ponchos, scarves, sandals and even a tutu.
Soon the writer’s other pets are dressed up, overalls for the bunny, boots for the dog and a scuba suit for the goldfish.

Cooper thought this was a very cute book. She liked that the budgie had outfits for every occasion. She thought it was nice that the budgie let the other pets show off their clothes, even though she was the star of the story.
Cooper thinks she should have some more budgie fashions herself and that her human needs to take her shopping.