Cooper’s Book Report

Sido’s hatchday is coming up. In honor of this special day, it will be cockatiel week on Cooper’s Corner.
Kicking things off is this month’s book, A Honk In Your Heart: The Wisdom of Alex the Honking Bird, by Annika Howells.

Cooper (and Sido) absolutely loved this little book. Alex is a special cockatiel who became an internet star because of his honks and charming personality. Chock-full of wonderful photos of Alex and his son Dominic, this book gives lots of great advice on how we can find the honk in our hearts.
Cooper appreciated Alex’s words of wisdom and really wants her human to make the veggie muffins featured in the book.
Sadly, Alex is not longer with us (though you can follow Dominic here). But because of this wise little bird the world is a better, honkier place.

Thank you to Cooper’s friends Kelle and John for sending us this wonderful book.