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This month’s movie is Love Exposure.
*This review has spoilers!
So, where to even start… This Japanese film is 4 hours long – cut down from 6 (!) hours,  some of which Cooper was not allowed to watch (a budgie is stepped on by an abusive father). Eek. Most of the violence is campy gore, though (geysers of blood for example).

The story is about Yū, a young man whose mother dies at an early age. His father becomes a priest and wishes Yū to confess his sins. Yū is a good boy and not having anything to confess, decides to commit some real sins. He takes up with a gang of upskirt photographers and finds success taking “panty shots”.
After losing a bet with friends, Yū must dress as a woman and kiss a girl he likes. When he sees Yōko fighting with some street thugs, he joins in to help her. Yōko falls in love with him, thinking he is a woman named Miss Scorpion.

Aya, comes from an abusive home. She becomes psychotic, shoots up her school and cuts off her father’s penis. But she does have two budgies (the first meets an untimely end), so she can’t be all bad. Aya joins a cult, the Zero Church. She falls in love with  Yū, manipulates her way into his family and pretends to be Miss Scorpion. Yōko joins the cult and is brainwashed. Yū breaks in to the cult to save her. Aya commits suicide and the two lovers are united.

There was a lot going on in this movie. Religion, guilt, love, perversion, fight scenes, blood, cults. Cooper liked that the budgie appeared throughout the film, but she thought there should have been more budgie scenes. The movie is already 4 hours long, why not add some more budgie (who was clearly the star of the movie)?

Movie Review

This month’s movie is Cast a Dark Shadow. cdsTeddy Bare murders his wealthy, older wife, Monica, to gain her fortune. But his timing is off and her will does not name him as sole beneficiary. Monica’s sister is set to inherit, but lives in Jamaica, far from Teddy’s clutches.
Teddy then marries wealthy Freda, who is shrewd and who keeps Teddy in check. Soon after, Charlotte arrives in town. Will Teddy be able to separate her from her money? DSC06632Cooper didn’t care much for Teddy and was glad he got the ending he deserved. Her favorite characters in the movie were the budgies (one is named Simon) who appear in a scene with Monica’s maid. The budgies stole the show – Cooper thinks they should have been in every scene.