Free Flight

Last night Harry and I attended the Free Flight Tropical Sunset Fundraiser. Free Flight is an exotic bird sanctuary in Del Mar. You can read more about them on the Free Flight website. We had a lot fun Рthey had a bar, delicious  food, a silent auction and a great band.

pA Blue and Gold Macaw greeted the guests.

harryHarry with a Hyacinth Macaw. She was very sweet. I got to feed her some grapes, a carrot and some banana.

meHere I am with an Eclectus parrot (males are green and females are red).

hcHere is Harry with a cockatoo on a visit we made a week ago.

scritchThis parrot let me scritch its pin feathers –¬† much bigger than a budgie’s!

Here’s a little video of some of the birds: a Moluccan Cockatoo, a pair of Mexican Red- headed Amazons and a Gold and Yellow Macaw.