Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is No Way, Winky Blue! by Pamela Jane with illustrations by G. Brian Karas.

Rosie wants a dog who can do tricks and rescue people from danger, but Aunt Maria says their house is too big for a dog. At the pet store, Rosie and her friend Michael decide a little blue parakeet would make a great pet. After she gets her aunt’s permission and uses most of her allowance, Rosie brings Winky Blue home.
At first, Rosie is enamored with her little bird, doting on him and even making him a little magical playland. But when Winky Blue refuses to talk or do tricks (like carrying messages), she finds him to be a disappointment and throws a cover over his cage.
After a talk with her Aunt Maria and an afternoon to clear her mind, Rosie realizes that she doesn’t need Winky Blue to be a hero or star, and she should enjoy him just the way he is. Rosie races home, excited to see her parakeet only to find she left the cage door and window open. Will Rosie be able to find Winky Blue?

Cooper thought this was a great little book. She liked that Rosie learned to appreciate and love Winky Blue whether he was a “star” or an ordinary parakeet. No Way, Winky Blue! was inspired by the author’s childhood pet, Winky Blue. There are six books in the series, and Cooper is looking forward to reading the further adventures of Rosie and Winky Blue.