Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Remy: A Little Bird with a Big Imagination by Kristin Ludwig.r1Remy is an adorable Pacific Parrotlet who lives in the House of Nubs. Remy was abandoned at the veterinarian’s office. The vet saved his life and found him a new home with The Lady with the Ponytail (Kristin Ludwig), new friend Hoot, Nubs and the rest of the flock. Despite having lost the toes on one foot, Remy is a brave bird with a wonderful imagination. In the book he wonders what the big world is like.r2Cooper highly recommends this book. She thought Remy was courageous and enjoyed seeing his many adventures. The photos (by Kelly Andre) were wonderful and the featured artwork was striking. Most of all, Cooper loved Remy’s sweet and optimistic spirit. She thinks that everyone could benefit by having such an outlook on life.

If you would like to read more about Remy and the flock you can do so at The House of Nubs.