Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Silent Sid by Jessica Parkin and Jennifer Greet.

Aunt Lottie and her friend Asaf buy a little budgie named Sid at the market. Sid is a handsome budgie who loves to fly around the kitchen and have his head scratched. But Sid does not talk.
One morning Lottie decides to make a tea cake featuring Sid’s favorite treat – raisins. When the doorbell rings, Lottie leaves Sid in the kitchen with the bowl of sticky batter. What will happen when Sid is tempted to eat one of the plump raisins?

Cooper loved this little story of Sid, the little green and yellow budgie. She thought the illustrations were colorful and fun.
Cooper enjoyed reading about Sid’s misadventure in the kitchen. She was happy that Sid found his voice and asked for help after falling in the mixing bowl. After she read about Sid’s bath, she wanted one too. She hopes that Sid got a nice, juicy raisin after he was all cleaned up.