Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is The Exclusive Life of Reba K. Williams, a Parakeet (Book One) by Thomas Hardy.

The Exclusive Life of Reba K. Williams, a Parakeet (Book One)  follows just some of the life of a very worldly, glamorous budgie. In Beverly Hills, Reba lives an exciting life. Decked out in jewels, she associates with movie stars and attends fancy parties.
After divorcing her first husband, Reba falls in love with Danny “Happy” Williams, a roly poly plastic man. The couple move to the east coast and marries. Danny then decides to run for governor of Vermont. Will Reba become a first lady? 

Cooper found this book to be very charming. The illustrations (by Romi Vekony) were colorful and lively. Cooper loved the imagination, humor and quirky details of Reba’s life. She also liked the author biography at the end of the book in which the author talks about his childhood and the importance of imagination.
Cooper hopes that book two is in the works.