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Meet Piccolo!12285759_1652124538390325_2037561256_nPiccolo lives in New Jersey with Grace.12278143_1652124978390281_542745717_nPiccolo just turned one year old on October 6th, 2015. He’s an English budgerigar. His favorite pastime is chatting and eating millet (not necessarily in that order!).12272859_1652125078390271_1227758578_nHe shares his cage with another male budgie named Kalani who just joined the flock a couple of months ago. His other flock mates include two cockatiels and a Bebe parrot. Piccolo also resides with two dogs, two cats and a guinea pig, as well as two teenagers, a tween and two adults (he’s very bonded to the adult female). 12115736_1643286459274133_5249032625706711796_nYou can find Piccolo the budgie (and his pals!) on his facebook page. Stop by and say, “Hello!”

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Alistair!
 photo IMAG4689_zpsurazqlom.jpg

Alistair lives in the United Kingdom with Amber.
 photo IMAG5267_zpsv3ehav58.jpg

Alistair is only just coming out of a first moult that has lasted an age!
 photo DSC_1583_zpsddr1cmif.jpg

He’s really good for trying new food, finding a huge love of celery and sweetcorn!
 photo IMAG6193_zps0baqj1gq.jpg
He also loves to play with the beads on his swing, as well as almost everything else in his cage… Including his veggies… And the tray I put them on.
 photo DSC_1588_zps21rx9kcx.jpg

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Clouds and Sky!1Clouds and Sky live in New Zealand with Dee.2Clouds thinks he is a very important gentleman and therefore should be treated as such. He does not play, does not shred or climb. He would never debase himself by using his swing but he loves talking to it. In fact, talking and singing are the only ways he interacts with objects. 3His recent moult has turned him into a grumpy old curmudgeon… But we are not fooled: underneath all that snootiness he is really just a cute little bird who hasn’t yet seen his first birthday.

4Sky, on the other side of the spectrum, has all the cuteness and playfulness of the baby he is. He is a very confident little bird, whose joyful spirit and eagerness to bond are being sorely tested by Clouds’ aloofness at the moment. But we are quite confident that his natural happiness will conquer eventually. 5Sky loves nibbling and climbing. His favourite move is getting stuck between the side of the cage and the feeders.

Cooper’s Cutie

Meet Lyta! Lyta lives in Australia with Celyia.

Hi, folks! Thought I’d take a minute to introduce you to the new woman in my life, Lyta. Lyta, why don’t you say hi to these good people?
Do I have to?
Yes. Come on, baby girl. Don’t be shy.
I’m not shy. I’ve just got better thi–
Lyyyyyta! Don’t be rude!
Fine. Fine. Hi.1There we go. Thanks. Hey, I don’t suppose you’d be willing to, I don’t know, look less angry? There’d be some millet in it for you.2
Come on? Even just a little? A smile won’t kill you.
No, I am pretty sure it will.3Uh, okay. Um. Oh! I see that you’re starting to grow your tailfeathers out! They look wonderful. I noticed that your tail was really short when you moved in here. Any reason for the change?
It’s just the way I roll. Being out in the wild, man? It’s a whole ‘nother jungle, if you know what I mean. Long feathers just get in the way–4
Really? I know you were out there on your own for a while, so there was some concern that something happened to you in the great outdoors.
BAH! Nothing happened. They ain’t called the great outdoors for nothin’, woman.

If that’s true, then where did you lose the tip of your toe?
In the neck of the last person who tried to interview me. Where’s my pay for this gig, anyway? Millet, please.
Of course, of course. I appreciate you taking the time to come talk with us today. Any parting thoughts for our readers?5
No. *nom nom nom*
And that’s a wrap! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Benji!11173685_10207108515010175_1822490889_nBenji lives in California with Maevonne.11178544_10207108512810120_1304157257_nBenji is a male budgie, about 2.5 years old. He is pretty mellow, loves the camera, chirps and sings, and talks. Benji has a human flock and is very spoiled and sweet. This “Budgie Extraordinaire” even has his own facebook page and YouTube channel!11178449_10207108513730143_551844362_nBenji’s interests include: tossing wiffle balls and bells off his cagetop, nibbling on ropes and strings, trying to climb into the laptop and TV screens, watching and chirping along to basketball games and running water, taking naps with Mom – snoozing all tucked in under her chin, running away when it’s bath time, pole dancing, harassing Perry the Plastic Budgie and eating millet.11118107_10207108515490187_1923121731_nBenji in action:

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Mallorn!MALLORN 023_zpsv6r3jpkkMallorn lives by the Rocky Mountains with Gigi. Mally_zpsajtz2a0cShe is two years old and her favorite activities are watching movies or distracting me from my work : ). And, she can get really cross with me if I touch her toys or forget to tell her where I’m going. MALLORN 031_zpsygbfn1m4She loves eating romaine lettuce and her favorite treat is cheese. Mally enjoys beeping like our microwave and likes to take baths in her water bowl, usually on freezing cold days when bathing doesn’t make sense. GE DIGITAL CAMERAShe adores my violin playing and occasionally practices the art of stealing food! 041_zpsmfbdehyq

A new home for Spencer!

When Gordie passed away we received a lovely comment from Kelle. She wrote that she would be adopting an older budgie from a local rescue in Gordie’s honor. And she did! Meet Spencer (on the right, with Faust). spencerSpencer moved into his new home around Thanksgiving. He is now all settled and adjusted with budgie¬†siblings Faust, Hulk (below, left), Stephanie (below right) and humans Kelle and John.unnamedHere are the budgies enjoying their Valentine’s Day feast.flockHow absolutely wonderful that Spencer has found a new family. Thanks to Kelle and John he now has his happily ever after. And what a wonderful tribute to Gordie, as well. Hopefully, Spencer and Gordie will inspire another budgie adoption in the future!

Thank you Kelle, John (and Spencer!) for sharing your story! XOX