Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Pixel and Kiwi! 

These adorable little fellows live in the U.S.

Kiwi is a 4 year old budgie who was hand-raised. Within 2 months of taking him home, he quickly started to learn words and phrases. Kiwi was 3 years old when his owners brought him home a companion, Pixel!

Pixel is also hand-raised and came from the same breeder.

You can see more of Kiwi and Pixel on their facebook page, Kiwi and Pixel the Parakeets.

They also have a YouTube channel!

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Aztec and Kiwi!002_zps8vjlpky3These little darlings live in Ohio with Lacey.025_zps087e1no0Aztec and Kiwi love to chatter along to oldies songs by Lou Christie, especially “Lightnin’ Strikes”. 019_zpsdpj1xy54They both love millet spray.003_zpsxaqnsnwkKiwi loves his mirror toys while Aztec is more of the toy shredder of the two.budgies 034_zps37jowekwThey love each other dearly.budgies 080_zpstutj6cp1