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This month’s book is Candy Cane the Christmas Cockatiel by Theresa Weber Corasis.

Candy Cane is a cockatiel whose life-long dream is to go to the North Pole and become one of Santa’s helpers. One day Candy Cane decides to make his dream a reality. He puts on his scarf and off he goes. On the way he meets a gingerbread couple, deer, a guardian angel, Sam and Samantha Snowman and Santa’s Elves. But will Candy Cane get to not only help Santa, but meet him as well?

Cooper enjoyed the tale of this brave little cockatiel. She had fun reading about all his adventures and the interesting Christmas characters he met. Cooper loves when a bird’s dreams come true (though she would have preferred that the book starred a budgie, of course). She liked looking at all the photos of Candy, taken by the author, and would recommend this book to any Christmas loving budgie. Or cockatiel.