Movie Review

This month’s movie is Doctor, You’ve Got to Be Kidding!

Heather (Sandra Dee) works as a secretary, but hopes to become a singer. When she unexpectedly finds she is pregnant, three of her suitors ask for her hand in marriage. Her boss (George Hamilton) does not want to marry her. Could he be the father??

Who cares! The real star of the show is Raphael, who belongs to Heather’s mother (played by Celeste Holm).

Raphael likes to dive bomb humans and land on their heads. 

When a house party gets out of control, the police are called. In all the confusion, the police take aim at the bird (BOO!). Raphael manages to evade the bullets.

Raphael also provides a twist. “He” lays an egg and becomes… Ramona!

If you like kooky comedies, then this one is for you. Despite a star turn by Raphael/Ramona it’s not one of Sandra Dee’s better films (I recommend Gidget).

*Sandra Dee gets bonus points for also starring in movie that features a budgie – Come September reviewed here.

Birthday Tiel

Today we celebrated Sido’s Hatchday. We adopted Sido from a rescue, so we don’t know how old she really is (this is her 4th year with us). Sido is the sweetest little cockatiel. She loves scritches and lap naps and just hanging with her humans.

We celebrated with hatchday millet and toys.

Not so sure about this one, though…
Happy Hatchday Sido – we love you!