Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Fred!f3Fred lives in the UK with Jenny and her family.f4 Despite being touted as ‘hand raised’, Fred was pretty scared when he came. I think it’s just his natural disposition. Everything new is worthy of a corn dog pose: standing straight up like he’s got a poker in his bum. But he’s learning to trust me and is finding his bravery.f6He loves his kids. And singing with a YouTube budgie called Banco.fred1Seeds are his passion, lol. At the moment, Fred is refusing to eat his veggies and fruits.f8And his mash, as well.f9(Michelle: I’m sure with persistence, he’ll come around. Who could resist that lovely homemade mash?)f10Fred still doesn’t play with his toys, but he will happily stand on his daisy perch and watch the world go by through the window.f5I wouldn’t say he’s a contented budgie, but life is starting to be more interesting, and he’s becoming more curious than scared as the days go by. I think Fred has done very well for only being here a month.