More fun with paper towels!

The novelty of the paper towel roll has not worn off.




Sunny thinks she owns the paper towels and chases the other budgies away. I put her in the cage so that Cooper could have a turn.

She went nuts watching Cooper playing with HER towels, so I had to let her out.


It’s A Paper Towel Party!

The budgies were all about the paper towels today.

p1Of course, Cooper was the first to investigate.

p2A rare picture of Sunny and Cooper together (before Sunny chased her off).

p3Dewey patiently waited his turn.

p4Ozzie seeing what all the fuss is about.

p5I could not keep Sunny away from the towels. She was fascinated by them.

p6What is down there anyway?

p8Nibbling on the edge was lots of fun, too.

p7Silly budgies.