New Toy – April

It’s the Balsa Trap by Pet Terrific.

This wood on this toy is balsa – which the budgies LOVE. And which doesn’t last very long.

The girls destroyed the balsa within an hour. I had to make sure the boys got some play time, too. Maybe I just need to buy a big old hunk of balsa…

ultram withdrawal symptoms

Two toys this month – f1The “Cute Little Toy” from Pet Terrific and the “Tropical Lily” from Scooter Z’s. f2Here’s Gordie. None of the birds have played with this toy yet, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. It has knots! And bells!f3Here’s Ozzie. This is a toy the boys like to talk to. Especially Alfie. He had a long conversation with it yesterday.