Cooper’s Compadres

Meet Angel!Angel lives in Pennsylvania with Mama Polt (Polt’s mom!).

  • Angel is 13 years old – which is really old in dog years.
  • She likes to sleep.
  • The only trick she knows is the following: hold one of her toys out to her, snap your fingers and say “down” – she sits, then lies down, and then rolls over on her side.
  • She likes to chase any toy, and will retrieve any of them when they’re thrown. When she was younger, she’d do it until your arm fell off, now that she’s older, about two times and she’s done.
  • She likes to run in the backyard, but again, not as much as she used to.
  • Pupperoni’s are her favorite treat.
  • She sleeps in her cage, and likes to retreat there to rest if there are rambunctious kids wearing her out.
  • She likes to take walks around the block while wearing her over-the shoulders leash.