A day in the life of Alfie

Well, some of it anyway.

Alfie loves to eat. Here he is “helping” me fill the feeders for breakfast.1Always with the food on the face.2I’m not sure which Alfie loves more – food or his bells. He gets anxious when we take the bells out to clean them.3Making sure Harry did a good job.4Playtime!5A little grooming…6Proofreading Cooper’s Corner. Alfie likes to sit on my hand when I type – I’m getting pretty good at typing “budgie style”. 7WOW! Look at all that lettuce (an Alfie favorite). Alfie is always the first one to the food.8 Alfie also loves baths. He is a budgie of many passions.9Recharging his budgie batteries. 10…and ready to go! 11Here’s a clip of our little Alfiebug in action:

Cooper’s Talent Show

Ready or not, the holidays are here! Here are some festive feathered friends to get us in the mood.

Cucuchi the cockatiel.

Rosie the Galah cockatoo.

Scooby the African grey parrot.

Alec, another African grey parrot.

Lucy, an umbrella cockatoo.

And last, but not least – a little budgie named Joy.