Cooper decided that once a month she wants to feature those who rescue, shelter or are active in the conservation of her feathered friends. This month she would like to promote Best Friends Animal Society.

Best Friends (with locations in California, New York, Atlanta and Utah) operates pet adoption centers, spay/neuter clinics and no-kill initiatives as well as a No More Homeless Pets Network of animal rescue groups in every corner of the nation.

There are all sorts of animals available for adoption, including cats, dogs, horses, turtles, rabbits, pigs and, of course, birds. There are currently 83 birds available for adoption at the Kanab, Utah Sanctuary (including the cockatiels pictured above).

If you would like to help. you can donate, sponsor an animal or even help through shopping on Amazon Smile. The site also has stories of animals like Mitch the cockatiel, who found his forever home (along with 3 other cockatiels and 7 budgies).

Spring has Sprung

And the boys are all a-twitter.

Alfie and Harvey – let us in!

Ozzie and Felix would like some female companionship.

We keep the divider in to keep the boys from the girls (we don’t want any more egg drama), but we do let them all out together – with supervision.

Ozzie and Emmy:

Ozzy and Sunny are also a couple, but Sunny has recently allowed Harvey to woo her – Ozzie is not sure what to make of this new development.

Harvey is also Cooper’s beau… And Cooper and Felix are sometimes an item. Such a soap opera!

And the cheese stands alone. Alfie is single and ready to mingle if there are any takers out there. He is a great catch!

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Extraordinary Chickens by Stephen Green-Armytage.

In honor of National Poultry Day, Cooper is reviewing Extraordinary Chickens. This is a book that showcases the beauty and amazing variety of the exotic chicken. There is some background on the bird and how the different strains came to be. There are also notes on the ornamental breeds featured in the book. But the beautiful photographs are the star of the show. 

Cooper had no idea there were so many types of chickens. Her favorites were the big fluffy birds. She also loved the gorgeous feather patterns of some of the chickens and the photos of the chicks. She highly recommends this book to bird lovers. It would make a great coffee table book and/or gift.Cooper thinks that chickens are indeed extraordinary. She also thinks that Extraordinary Budgies should be the author’s next book.