Same Name

Martin Cooper (December 26, 1928)

While working for Motorola, he created the first personal cell phone, citing Captain Kirk’s communicator on Star Trek as an inspiration. His first call on the 28-oz. cordless cell phone (dubbed “the brick”) was to his rival at Bell Labs Research.

Melvil Dewey (December 10, 1851 – December 26, 1931)

Dewey was an American librarian and educator, inventor of the Dewey Decimal system of library classification.

As a young adult he advocated spelling reform; he changed his name from the usual “Melville” to “Melvil”, without redundant letters, and for a time changed his surname to “Dui”

John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne (December 3, 1948)

Osbourne is an British heavy metal vocalist and songwriter. He rose to prominence as lead singer of the band Black Sabbath, whose dark and hard sound helped spawn the heavy metal genre. Due to Sabbath’s style, Osbourne became known as the “Prince of Darkness”. Osbourne is also known as the “Godfather of Heavy Metal“.

Ozzie has bitten the heads off of a bat and a dove, but I’m sure he would never bite the head off of a budgie.

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Winter!

Winter lives in Bangladesh with Rashu.

Winter used to be a selfish and jealous budgie growing up. He would bully Sky and Emmett because I’d play with them sometimes. He’d compete with Emmett by stretching his body to make himself look taller than Emmett, and would kick him down if Emmett managed to look taller.

He likes seeds mainly. He avoids treats but often chows down on spinach with pleasure – and boiled corn.

He’s not fond of any of his toys, but he loves being poked with a feather – he will chase after a feather as I move it around.

Regardless of his selfish nature, he is affectionate towards me and his flock (even if he bullies them). He is obsessed with my nose. That’s probably his favourite activity, nibbling on my nose. lol