Alfie Update

a1“Let me out! I wanna be with you guys!”

Alfie is doing well. He’s still in quarantine. We visit him during the day and bring his cage out to the living room to watch tv with us at night. He tries to get as close to us as he can. If one of us leaves the room, he’ll flutter around his cage as if he wants to go with us.

A little quirk of Alfie’s is that he will take one seed at a time out of his food dish and then hop to his perch to eat it.

Last night he sat on my finger. Yay! I can’t wait for him to meet the rest of the flock : ).

It’s A Paper Towel Party!

The budgies were all about the paper towels today.

p1Of course, Cooper was the first to investigate.

p2A rare picture of Sunny and Cooper together (before Sunny chased her off).

p3Dewey patiently waited his turn.

p4Ozzie seeing what all the fuss is about.

p5I could not keep Sunny away from the towels. She was fascinated by them.

p6What is down there anyway?

p8Nibbling on the edge was lots of fun, too.

p7Silly budgies.

Let them eat cake

More budgie cakes!

cakeavenue                                                             Cake Avenue

cakesbyrebecca                                                       Cakes by Rebecca

Sweetcharitysbakery                                                     Sweet Charity’s Bakery

cakesbysandra                                                         Cakes by Sandra

memorable cakes                                                       Memorable Cakes

nadiazohreh                                                         Nadia Zohreh

thecakebox                                                           The Cake Box

pembrokeshirecupcakecompany                                          Pembrokeshire Cupcake Company

900x900px-LL-7c95f7f3_gallery7096241273610937                                                                          ?

lornascakery                                                           Lorna’s Cakery

Or cupcakes…

thecleverlittlecupcakecompany                                          The Clever Little Cupcake Company

ohsusannahspecialtycupcakes                                          Oh Susannah Specialty Cupcakes

And to top it all off – budgie cake toppers!

totally toppers                                                            Totally Toppers

katetoppers                                                          Kate Toppers

beckykazana                                                          Becky Kazana

noveltycakesbygem                                                     Novelty Cakes by Gem