Parakeet Puppets

sihamcraftlink                                                         Siham Craftlink

folkmanisparakeetpuppet                                                                 Folkmanis

Untitled-3                                                          The Applique Place

razzledazzlebysally                                                       Razzle Dazzle by Sally

The Case of the Missing Tail Feathers

tfOne of the budgies lost its tail feathers? But which one?

tf2Cooper P.I. is on the case!

tf3First she examined the evidence.

tf5Then she made a list of the usual suspects.

t6A visit to the scene of the crime was in order.

tf7After a little surveillance, Cooper determined that Dewey was not the guilty party.

tf11Ozzie is impeding the investigation. Highly suspicious!

tf12But it looks like he’s in the clear.

tf9Sunny appears to be innocent.

tf10As well as Alfie (who was not even in the room at the time).

listAfter all that sleuthing Cooper is stumped. Who on earth could those feathers belong to?

coopGuess this mystery might go unsolved…

endIf anyone out there has any information or tips relating to this mystery, please contact Cooper P.I. in the comments section.

Budgie Buffet

What could be more refreshing in the summer than a delicious fruit salad?

coofruitsaladCooper is always first on the scene.

canddfruitsaladChecking things out…

cdfruit2Cooper takes a nibble.

dewfruitsaladDewey tastes a strawberry.

plateSunny and Ozzie wouldn’t come near the fruit until I put it on a plate in their cage.

Of course, it was more fun to chew on the plate than the fruit.

nutSilly little birds.

Cooper’s Book Report

ppp1This month’s book is Princess Penelope’s Parrot by Helen Lester (illustrated by Lynn Munsinger).

ppp2Princess Penelope is a spoiled and nasty little princess. She receives a parrot for her birthday and proceeds to treat it awfully. The parrot has its revenge when a neighboring prince comes to visit, and all ends well. Cooper enjoyed this book (even though she thought that “Princess Penelope’s Parakeet” would have been a more interesting story).  The illustrations were fun, and she was glad to see the princess get her comeuppance.