Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is 2 Many Parakeets by Raymond Mullikin.2manyIn 2 Many Parakeets, Rainbow the budgie’s life changes when a new bird moves in. Though Rainbow was lonely, he is not too sure about the new addition. Eddie tries to make friends, but Rainbow wants nothing to do with him. Eddie doesn’t give up though, and manages to find Eddie in all of his hiding spots. Will Rainbow ever accept Eddie as a friend?2many2Cooper loved the big, colorful illustrations and rhyming text in this book. She liked that the budgies had the run of the house, but wasn’t too keen on the fly that Eddie wanted to share (she would much rather have millet). Eddie and Rainbow are real birds and there are photos of them at the end of the book. While Cooper doesn’t think there is such a thing as 2 many parakeets, she enjoyed the story and was glad the budgies became pals at the end.

Vet Visit Part 2

On March 12th, we took Lera to the vet for a beak trim. Thirty days later, we had to take her back for another. She’s always chewing, so it’s amazing how quickly it grew back.

Here she is before and after her first visit (March):l1baHere she is right after her clip job this weekend. vet2

Not pictured – Harvey (who was there for moral support). The vet tech clipped off the end then filed it down with a dremel. I couldn’t watch – but Lera handled it like a trooper. Hopefully it won’t grow again. If it does, she might need some tests to make sure she doesn’t have an underlying illness.

Here she is before and after her second visit (April):l2baMuch better. When we got home, she had some food and a nap, then was back to her usual hijinks. She seems much happier with her shorter beak.


So many goodies came in the mail recently –
boxFirst up, from Susan – this fantastic budgie sculpture. I love it!sculpture1Cooper and her new friend.sculp2Susan also sent these little budgie charms and budgie ring. So cute! Thank you Susan!charmsringThe budgies received a package from my niece Surena and her fiancé, RK.treatsLook at all those treats – what lucky budgies!bowlThey also got this cute little bowling toy. Here is Ozzie right before he bowled a strike. Thank you so much Surena and RK!

We’re so fortunate to have such wonderful family and friends.
Michelle, Harry, Cooper and the flock