Thank you!

Recently, we received a package from Susan and her flock. Inside was this lovely card, with a sticker for each of the birds,1A Sido “mini mi”,s2an adorable cockatiel ring,s3and a shreddable play mat that Sido is happily taking apart.s4We are so very lucky to have such wonderful friends – thank you so much Susan!
Sido and her flock XO

730 days of Alfie

Two years ago we brought our little Alfie home from the animal shelter.

Alfie (7/2/2013)newThey handed him to me in a box. I had no idea what he looked like until I got him home. What a wonderful surprise to find such an adorable budgie!

Alfie (7/2/14)2014Alfie (who narrowly escaped the name “Captain Underpants”) has been such a joy to us over the past two years. His antics always make us laugh, and he’s a sweetheart to boot.

(7/2/15)alfie2015We love you Alfie – happy anniversary!