Budgies and Celebrities

Kim Novak

Bird Note: Another pet story concerns the parakeet – lavender colored, of course – Kim Novak bought in New York while she was here filming Bell, Book and Candle. For weeks Kim tried to teach the parakeet to talk, in vain. After each of these sessions, the only sound heard was Kim Novak’s sigh of resignation, “I give up…” Miss Novak now has the  parakeet in her Hollywood home, where visitors can hear the bird speak only one line, “I give up.” – St. Petersburg Times

Painting by Kim Novak – who is also an amazing artist. You can see her paintings here.


Cooper decided that once a month she wants to feature those who rescue, shelter or are active in the conservation of her feathered friends. This month she would like to promote Phoenix Landing.pl

Phoenix Landing is an all volunteer organization dedicated to the welfare of parrots – from budgies to macaws.They facilitate adoption, have a foster program, help veterinarian students interested in avian medicine, sponsor research and conservation for wild parrots, advocate standards of care for birds and provide educational opportunities for the public.pl1

Phoenix Landing has helped 2,663 parrots ​as of February 1st. A newsletter is available on their site if you would like to know more. You can donate on their site. They also have a store with toys, perches, clothing, books and food for birds. Shopping here helps to support their education and adoption programs.pl2

Thanks to Eve for letting us know about this wonderful organization.