Betty White Day

Betty White Day is commemoration of what would have been the actress and comedian’s 100th birthday.
Betty had a lifelong love for animals and worked tirelessly for animal welfare. The Betty White Challenge encourages people to donate to animal shelters in her honor.
I’ve read that Betty had parakeets.
Below are photos of Betty at home. You can see birdcages, but not clearly what birds are in them. But we’ll go with parakeets.

Remembering Alfie

I like to share memories of our “rainbow” budgies on what would have been their hatchdays.
This year I decided to share videos.
Alfie was the personification of adorable. He loved his bells, his baths and his Romaine lettuce, and he often had food on his face. He was a sweet little nut and his antics always made us smile.
We brought Alfie home from the shelter sight unseen (we adopted him before his photo was posted). When we arrived home, we opened the box and found this beautiful budgie. He was almost named Captain Underpants due to his white under fluffies, but Alfie suited his personality more (and was a little more dignified). He was easily tamed and became a great friend to the other birds. He loved hanging out with the boys – especially Ozzie.
We were so lucky to have this dear little budgie in our lives. If you are looking to add a bird to your family, please consider adopting. You may end up with a treasure like Alfie